In case we weren't clear, the whole TCS crew has moved their work to a Baseball Prospectus local site focused on the White Sox. Check us out.

A funny thing became readily apparent while we were trying to launch The Catbird Seat during the early months of the 2014 season: I realized I was probably ready to quit. 

This is the third and final installation of the division previews.  I want to thank Mr. Boye once again for giving his time and energy to this project, which sprung out of the deepest principle I have -- "Talking about baseball with friends is fun."

Well, so much for that.

The White Sox hit 12 home runs in April of 2015. That came over 19 games, where they scored 64 runs total, and slugged .352, worst in the AL. They finished last in the AL in slugging for the year, it was not an aberration. 

Waiting for Austin Jackson to slide down to one-year, $5 million deal, while torturously late and removed from the major moves of this offseason, fits in line with the larger theme of seek small financial commitments that do not go beyond 2016. It doesn't look like Baseball Reference has added Jackson's $5 million to their Opening Day estimates for the Sox salary.