The Catbird Speaks 9.29.15 - The saddest trip down memory lane

For the third time this season, Baseball Prospectus' Mau Rubio joined Ethan Spalding and James under the guise of evaluating young players in the White Sox organization, only to have things spiral into complete madness. Remember that you can find this podcast on iTunes by searching "The Catbird Speaks."

In this episode:

--James aggressively slanders Mau's soccer allegiances

--The trio bemoans the failures of the 2015 White Sox, both the multiple holes in the lineup and Jeff Samardzija's lost stuff.

--Look long and hard about the future role of Trayce Thompson

--Look longer and harder at Avisail Garcia

--Peruse offseason options that the Sox won't pay for, and some they might!

--Slobber over Carlos Rodon a bit

--Give minimal thought to Erik Johnson

--React in horror real time to the Stephen Piscotty injury

--Are haunted by the ghosts of White Sox past