The Catbird Speaks 9.11.15 - Just half a lineup away

It's the dog days of September, and the White Sox are in the middle of their regularly-scheduled playing out the string, which means:

-Only so much Samardzija left!

-Carlos Rodon and Erik Johnson could be the future of the new Sox rotation that is waiting for an offense to back it up.

-How will the Sox upgrade at third, second, right field, DH, etc? Beyond Mike Olt, that is? Is Adam LaRoche ever hitting again?

-Does Avisail have a future in the Sox core?

Join James Fegan, Matt Adams and Ethan Spalding as they update the state of the White Sox.

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There are some brief moments of profanity, in case you're the type who just blasts sports podcasts out loud at work like a loon.