The Catbird Speaks 5.8.2015 - Excitement Over John Danks vs Jason Marquis

James & Matt bask in the glow of a White Sox series win and look ahead to the visiting Cincinnati Reds. A series sure to sate whatever your baseball tastes may be, be it ridiculous offensive outbursts (Jason Marquis vs John Danks) or pitching matchups that can actually be looked forward to (Johnny Cueto vs Carlos Rodon). Also included in this podcast: a stirring ode to Juan Nieves and Don Cooper.


The Friday evening matchup of champions actually features Hector Noesi, not John Danks. This is sad both because I have already titled the podcast episode and would not like to take the steps to re-title, and also because Hector Noesi and John Danks are virtually interchangeable in their awfulness, and either player's starts are still potential punchlines.