The Catbird Speaks 3.24.15 - This episode has a lot more Jonah Keri than the others

On a rare day where The Catbird Seat staff got work done during sunlight hours, Grantland Contributor and best-selling author Jonah Keri joined the group for a chat on the heels on his full-length feature on the Sox' recent transformation. Even though we had James Fegan, Ethan Spaulding, Collin Whitchurch and Nick Schaefer on the call (Matt Adams was on a scouting mission), this was mostly about letting Jonah talk.

Topics include:

--How the White Sox off-season and spending history is perceived nationally

--How does the new Adam Eaton contract compare to the team-friendly contracts most of the core is locked into.

--AL Central predictions!

--Would Jonah be pleased to have witnessed his favorite player from childhood rip the guts out of his favorite team in the World Series? Yes or no?

--Much more!

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