Important stuff from a 3-1 beating at the hands of Adam Rosales

As far as fatal flaws ago, at least Chris Sale being unable to retire Adam Rosales, or the White Sox as a franchise's inability to retire Adam Rosales, at least it's full of fun and whimsy. Rosales pulled into the MLB lead for most career home runs off Sale with three after bombing an opposite-field two-run shot to right in the second, and gave himself five home runs off the Sox total for his career with a seventh inning solo shot off Daniel Webb.

And that was it! Rosales generated more offense than the entire Sox lineup, for Tuesday and Wednesday combined. Not hitting at all against decimated Rangers pitching should get more concern than Rosales, who is 31 and won't get teams to pay him forever to just hit home runs off Chris Sale and destroy the Cleveland Indians (1.030 OPS against).

Box Score 

  • Most worrisome, after a season's worth of destroying the White Sox outfielder tradition of being mortally terrified by the wall, Adam Eaton might have installed some fear in himself by losing track of the barrier and plowing into it at full speed while chasing...a Rosales home run that cleared the fence by a few rows. He left the game straightaway and is now doubtful to play Thursday as they figure out if he's anything beyond badly bruised.
  • Even Chris Sale's vaguely unfulfilling outings still contain numbers like nine strikeouts over six innings, or more innings pitched than runners allowed. He didn't lean on his changeup as much as he's been doing all year, and the increased slider work made for a less efficient day and (relatively) early exit. Also, what the hell is his Adam Rosales thing, anyway?
  • Jose Abreu is experiencing the inevitable end of immortality, which happens to most mortals. He's been swinging under fastballs all series and dropped the ball in two of the White Sox three total opportunities with runners in scoring position Wednesday to make up for it. He'll probably just whack two homers tomorrow.
  • Dayan Viciedo had his career in a nutshell Wednesday afternoon. He collected two hits, and provided the Sox only run by just muscling a ball he didn't get all of, out to right field with his massive raw power. Then, following on that momentum, he took a 3-1 count in the ninth and ruined it by chasing fastballs six inches outside the zone at a minimum.
  • Oh, so today is the day the bullpen throws three halfway decent innings.

Team Record: 55-60

Next game is Thursday at 9:10pm CT on CSN at Seattle.

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