Gordon Beckham traded for unspecified things, persons or household goods

It has happened.

Gordon Beckham is a six-year MLB veteran with a career batting line of .244/.306/.374 and a 83 wRC+. He's currently in the middle of the worst offensive season of his career, hitting .221/.263/.336, for a 62 wRC+. Somehow, despite all of this, he managed to breathe new life in this otherwise "can't hit" career narrative this season, carrying an OPS in the mid-.700's through June, then hitting .158/.180/.211 from July 1 on. He batted in the No. 2 slot six times in August.

 There was probably no getting anything huge in return for Beckham this season. Then he went and removed the "probably." When it's cash considerations or a player to be named later, the player usually winds up being someone fans care about as much as they care about the team getting paid a couple hundred thousand dollars. 

With Tyler Saladino and Micah Johnson shut down for the season, the next two weeks offer Carlos Sanchez a big opportunity to to snag a stranglehold on the playing time at second base before Marcus Semien arrives with the rest of the September call-ups. Management has likely already had as much Leury Time as they can stand.


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