Important stuff (if any) from a 7-2 loss in Detroit

Classic Noesi! He completely demolished any notion of a competitive game after seven batters, then wind up sopping up six innings and still earning plaudits for perseverance in the end. It was his Sox career in a nutshell. He was bad and didn't give the team a good chance to win, but saved them stress they couldn't afford by not forcing them to find a replacement. When the opposition scores six runs in the first seven batters, you start telling the utility infielders to get their arms warm, but it didn't happen! It didn't happen. We're so blessed.

Box Score

  • Adam Dunn clocked his 17th home run of the season with one out in the ninth inning of this thunderdump. It was his second blast in as many nights. You know what Dunn did a lot of back when he was good? Hit home runs. A return to that practice would be welcome. He's not a very interesting player when he's slugging under .450.
  • Do you want more elaboration on what Hector Noesi did? He looked a little wild against leadoff man Austin Jackson before painting the black with an excellent full count 94 mph fastball, and that was about the last spot he hit for 10 minutes. Tigers' hitters started popping singles all over the place, then capped it off with an oppo home run to Nick Castellanos to make it 6-0. Fin.
  • Jose Abreu extended his hitting "streak" to...37 out of 38 games. Not sure what we're actually tracking at this point other than that he's really locked-in. Despite the 1-3 night, he's still stuck at a .299 batting average. He mostly looked foolish against Scherzer, but we've learned that doesn't really preclude him from future success.
  • Alejandro De Aza looked feisty on this night, whipping a pair of singles into the hole on the right side of the infield like it was the first half of 2012. It's not. You can tell by how he's not allowed to play center field, but it's nice to see him aggressively turning on inside pitches.
  • Eric Surkamp led off the seventh inning by striking out Miguel Cabrera and Victor Martinez back-to-back. He then still allowed a run. He's his very own kind of unbelievable.
  • Gordon Beckham went 0-3 with a strikeout and dropped his OBP to .268. Someone, do something.


Team Record: 52-56

Next game is Thursday at 12:08pm CT on WGN at Detroit

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