Carlos Rodon is not starting tonight - Lineups & Preview 6/6

Despite being drafted nearly 24 hours ago and the Sox picking up his college catcher today, Carlos Rodon has yet to sign and slide into the starting rotation. Maybe by the end of the weekend.

In the mean time, the battery of Andre Rienzo and Adrian Nieto goes into place, representing a rare voyage outside of Nieto's safe(r) partnership with John Danks. Nieto, who has allowed 12 wild pitches and three passed balls in 19 games, will now get to deal with Rienzo's erratic, tumbling curveball.

That curveball is an absolute wipeout offering for the newly 26-year-old Rienzo when he puts it over the plate. Even just putting the pieces together in fits and spurts, he's cranked his strikeout rate up to a respectable 18.1%, which is fine but not enough to cancel out Rienzo's other foibles. To beat a dead and familiar horse, with his lack of ability to generate swings and misses from his more reliable strike zone offerings (fastball, mushy cutter), he'd be better suited not worrying about getting through the batting order multiple times.

Without that change coming anytime soon, Rienzo has to try to capture the magic and a passing stretch of precision for six innings. The Angels' park is at least more forgiving of his mistakes.

White Sox Lineup:                                                            

  1. Adam Eaton – CF

  2. Gordon Beckham – 2B

  3. Conor Gillaspie - 3B

  4. Jose Abreu -- 1B

  5. Adam Dunn – DH

  6. Alexei Ramirez -- SS

  7. Dayan Viciedo -- RF

  8. Alejandro De Aza -- LF

  9. Adrian Nieto -- C

Andre Rienzo, SP

The inevitable boot of the steadily sliding Viciedo from the middle of the order looks to have taken hold, at least against the horrid matchup with Jared Weaver. Since his high water mark on April 24, Viciedo has hit .213/.270/.355.

Are we sure if Adam Eaton is healthy? He's hit .208/.219/.236 since coming off the disabled list with 16 strikeouts to one walk in 17 games. Perhaps this year is more about figuring out if he can hack a full-time role than expected

Los Angeles Angels Lineup:

  1. Kole Calhoun – RF

  2. Mike Trout – CF

  3. Albert Pujols – DH

  4. Josh Hamilton – LF

  5. David Freese – 3B

  6. Erick Aybar -- SS

  7. C.J. Cron – 1B

  8. Hank Conger – C

  9. Grant Green -- 2B

Jered Weaver, SP

Mike Trout's so-called slump comes a with high strikeout rate, but also features Trout producing with the bat 60% above league average. He's back from a back-pain caused absence just for the thrill of facing the White Sox.

Where to Watch: Today’s game will be broadcast on CSN and Fox Sports West.  9:05 p.m. Central start time.


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