A Visit From the Giants - Game Preview & Lineups 6/17

The Giants don’t come to US Cellular Field very often. In fact it’s been over a decade. In 2003 in their only trip to the Southside the Giants handled the White Sox with relative ease, scoring 22 runs in 3 games off the likes of Jon Garland, Bartolo Colon and Mark Buehrle. Barry Bonds hit a HR in each game, making for a pretty clean HR/Game ratio in our humble home park. Only one player remains on either team from those games, and the White Sox captain is not in the lineup the evening.

Matt Cain is a fallen ace. Not to say that he’s awful, but the once-feared, slightly muppet-like right hander has not put a good foot forward over the last two seasons, posting the worst two ERAs of his career. Some nagging injuries have existed, suggesting that it isn’t necessarily a career on the downturn but a man that needs to get out on the mound full strength to show what he’s got.

John Danks is on an entirely different trajectory, having only good days of late pitching through the 7th and beyond in each of his last 4 starts, not allowing more than a pair of runs in any.

Both teams have the stress of poor performance of late, each entering the game with a losing streak, though the Giants do have that whole leading the division thing to fall back on. Must be nice.

Today’s Lineup:                                                            

  1. Eaton – CF
  2. Beckham – 2B
  3. Gillaspie – 3B
  4. Abreu – 1B
  5. Dunn – DH
  6. Ramirez – SS
  7. Viciedo - RF
  8. De Aza - LF
  9. Flowers – C

John Danks - SP

Giants Lineup:

  1. Blanco – LF
  2. Pence – RF
  3. Posey – DH
  4. Sandoval – 3B
  5. Morse – 1B
  6. Sanchez – C
  7. Crawford – SS
  8. Perez – CF
  9. Hicks – 2B

Matt Cain - SP

Where to Watch:

Today’s game will be broadcast on CSN and CSN BA.  7:10 Central start time.


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