7 Innings Will Do Just Fine, Chris - Game Preview & Lineups 6/12

Oh the billed pitcher’s duel. We look at calendars and try to figure out when they might be upon us so that we can clear schedules and watch two masters of the crafts go at it, knowing that in the end one man’s squad must emerge victorious. Rainouts, skipped starts, blisters, all sorts of tiny little items can wreak havoc on pitching schedules and ruin what we clamor for. But tonight we get one. We get Chris Sale vs. Max Scherzer. Could-have-been reigning Cy Young vs. actual reigning Cy Young.

I opened up talking about Verlander the other day by listing out his runs allowed over a recent handful of games. If you don’t mind, I’ll do the same for Max Scherzer. 4, 4, 5, 7. The whole rotation seems to be falling apart, paving the way for the AL Central oddity of a 3.5 game separation between first and last place. A slightly lowered K rate and a slightly elevated walk rate have partnered up with a BABIP 70 points higher than what he enjoyed in 2013 have resulted in more runs for Scherzer.  

Chris Sale, to know real fault of his own, took one trip to the mound too many last start and it cost him a glowing start. 7 scoreless innings turned into 7 innings with 5 runs allowed as he failed to record an out in the 8th and I’ve already spoken about this too much I think I’m making myself sick. Chris Sale is still good. Chris Sale is still an ace, and let’s not forget, this is in fact Chris Sale Day.

Today’s Lineup:                                                            

  1. Eaton – CF
  2. Beckham – 2B
  3. Gillaspie – 3B
  4. Abreu – 1B
  5. Dunn – DH
  6. Ramirez – SS
  7. Viciedo - RF
  8. De Aza - LF
  9. Flowers – C

Chris Sale - SP

Tigers Lineup:

  1. Davis – CF
  2. Kinsler – 2B
  3. Cabrera – 1B
  4. Victor Martinez – DH
  5. Hunter - RF
  6. J.D. Martinez – LF
  7. Castellanos – 3B
  8. Holaday – C
  9. Suarez - SS

Max Scherzer - SP

Where to Watch:

Today’s game will be broadcast on CSN and FoxSports Detroit.  7:10 Central start time.

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