How Long Can This Keep Up? - Game Preview & Lineups 5/8

Scott Carroll impressed in his debut and we all knew he wouldn’t be able to repeat it. And then he basically repeated it. In 2 starts, Scott Carroll has allowed just one earned run. Can he keep it going against a Cubs team that’s managed just 5 runs over the last 3 games? I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens when small samples duel. After going a month without a winning streak the White Sox have a 4 game streak while their top pitcher and spark plug at the top of the lineup are both on the disabled list. They'll go for 5 in a row with a 29 year-old rookie on the mound.

The most noticeable piece of Carroll’s MLB career to date is the lack of strikeouts, of which he has 3. That’s a rate of 5.7% of batters faced. All 3 of those actually came in his debut against the Rays. In 6 innings of work in Cleveland on May 3rd he struck out 0 batters. The last White Sox starter to go 6 innings or more without a strikeout or earned run was Jerry Reuss in 1989. It’s not an easy feat, and even more difficult to repeat. If Carroll can make it through the evening without recording any strikeouts it’s a good bet that his evening has been cut very short.

For the Cubs, Jake Arrieta steps in for just the second time this year. Jake got a late start to the season after shoulder problems caused a trip to the DL. He went 5+ innings in his debut and struck out 7 batters without allowing a run, a much more orthodox way to go about run prevention in this day and age. Unfortunately for the Cubs their offense was also participating in the run boycott for most of the game and Arrieta did not figure into the decision though the Cubs would put runs on the board after his departure to win the game.

Gordon Beckham is 5 for his last 10 including 2 homeruns as he vies to keep his spot on the roster and simultaneously auditions in front of various team scouts for later trade discussions. Jose Abreu is coming off of a 3-5 night, his third time notching 3 hits in a game this season. As the weather warms up may only be a matter of time before he records a 3 HR game.

Marcus Semien has retained his roster spot for now, but his playing time could suffer effective immediately as Conor Gillaspie makes his triumphant return after going 2 for 12 in a 3-game rehab stint for the Knights.

Today’s Lineup:                                                            

  1. Beckham – 2B
  2. Gillaspie – 3B
  3. Abreu – 1B
  4. Dunn - DH
  5. Viciedo - RF
  6. Ramirez – SS
  7. De Aza – CF
  8. Sierra - RF
  9. Flowers - C

Scott Carroll - SP

Cubs Lineup:

  1. Kalish - CF
  2. Valbuena – 2B
  3. Rizzo – 1B
  4. Castro – SS
  5. Schierholtz – RF
  6. Castillo - C
  7. Coghlan - DH
  8. Olt – 3B
  9. Lake - LF

Jake Arrieta - SP

Where to Watch:

Today’s game will be broadcast on CSN and WGN.  7:10 Central start time.