Losing Streak At Four - Game Preview & Lineups 5/4

Losing four games in a row is never really a blast as a fan, but yesterday invoked much of the trauma from last year. At least this year many of the problems can be attributed to random injury luck instead of the culmination of years of dubious decision-making, but that's cold comfort on a day like yesterday. But today is a new day.

Andre Rienzo will face off against Corey Kluber. Kluber is a good #4 starter, and he likely gives Cleveland the edge over his Brazilian counterpart this afternoon, but he is not Justin Masterson. For a team that is lacking Adam Eaton, who is in some respects their best left-handed hitter, Masterson was a bad draw. Kluber has a remarkably small platoon split on his career (.730 OPS allowed v. RHB as against a .785 OPS allowed to LHB), so running a bunch of righties out there won't pose as much of a problem.

Leury Garcia will spell Marcus Semien - although that feels more like Ventura just giving Semien the day off on a Sunday and getting Garcia some reps than chasing minute platoon advantages. 

Gordon Beckham will hit second again - I suppose managers feel obligated to hit second basemen second no matter what? Beckham has been abysmal so far in his return from the DL, hitting .182/.229/.242 in his first 9 games. 

White Sox

1. Alejandro de Aza - LF

2. Gordon Beckham - 2B

3. Jose Abreu - 1B

4. Adam Dunn - DH

5. Dayan Viciedo - RF

6. Alexei Ramirez - SS

7. Jordan Danks - CF

8. Tyler Flower - C

9. Leury Garcia - 3B

SP: Andre Rienzo-- RHP -- 4.05 ERA, 8 Ks, 6 BBs, 13.1 IP


1. Nyjer Morgan - CF

2. Nick Swisher - 1B

3. Michael Brantley - LF

4. Carlos Santana - 3B

5. Lonnie Chisenhall - DH

6. Asdrubal Cabrera - SS

7. David Murphy - RF

8. Jose Ramirez - 2B

9. George Kottaras - C

SP: Corey Kluber -- RHP -- 4.14 ERA, 35 Ks, 10 BBs, 37 IP.

I find it curious that if Cleveland is going to play both Chisenhall and Santana that the former is at DH and the latter is at 3B rather than the other way around. Still, in Chisenhall's defense, he is actually hitting like a guy you can play at DH with a straight face this year, hitting .360/.407/.500 in his first ~50 PAs of 2014.  Michael Brantley is off to a great start in 2014, with more walks than strikeouts and what's more he's actually flashing good power, which was the big hole in his game prior to this season. Nyjer Morgan gets the start with Michael Bourn's hamstring acting up again.

Where To Watch: You can catch it on CSN at 12:05 CT.