Be OK, Avisail

The extent of Avisail Garcia's injury — quite likely to his shoulder — will quite likely be revealed by the results of the MRI taken Thursday. With the results, rest a great deal of the purpose of this season. 

Garcia has a lot of bust potential and could easily not be a major part of the next division-winning club, but this season was undeniably dedicated to him and every other worthwhile project getting time to chase their potential.

No one has more untapped potential him than Garcia, and thus no one has more work needed this season than him. Injury time is not just lost production, but stalled development that doesn't simply resume upon his return. 

Avisail, during more upright times. // Credit: Ami Prindiville

Avisail, during more upright times. // Credit: Ami Prindiville

As a reminder, for those who might have suffered the same level of blunt trauma as Garcia recently, this is the third time he's launched himself into a hard surface in the outfield since joining the White Sox. 

Avisail is more agile than Carlos Quentin, but is similar in that he does not stalk the outfield in a style as reckless as say, Adam Eaton, but seems nevertheless poor at ensuring his own safe landing. Diving catches are nice, but diving catches that are celebrated by returning to your position are superior.

Garcia came to town with the potential to be a rangy plus-defender on top of his rather limitless power potential. For whatever reason, he's been lumbering around indecisively the first two weeks, so it's only perfectly cruel that he could go on the shelf after a stretch of nice plays and an interesting shift in his offense, along with two home runs and walks apiece in his last two games.

Any extended Garcia absence will likely mean a big offering of Dayan Viciedo, and progress from him has been a lot more frustrating search. 

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