Opening With a Streak - Game Preview & Lineups - 4/3

Jose Quintana has a little bit of pressure on him. It’s his first appearance since signing a 5-year contract. He’d be doing the team a large favor if he went deep into the game after yesterday’s bullpen stretching. He’s tasked with sustaining the unbeaten streak to a hefty 3. It’s cold and rainy out and I don’t know how that translates into pressure but I’m sure it creates pressure for somebody. Maybe Quintana? He’s probably not worried. Why should he be? In his second year in the Sox rotation many expected Jose to take a step back. Instead he took a step forward, logging exactly 200 innings and finding a couple of extra MPH which led to an increased strikeout rate. Quintana was the starting pitcher in the game that started the last White Sox win streak last August. Also against the Twins, he went 6.2 innings striking out 7 and allowing just 2 runs.

Fairly often I’ll refer to a perpetually underachieving pitcher or a disappointing pitcher that ends up settling in at around league average as a Gavin Floyd. It’s a strange blanket to toss over so many pitchers that those criteria can apply to but I don’t claim to always make sense. Phil Hughes has often received the Gavin Floyd title from me. He was a pitcher that was going places, had all this promise, but typically never pushes past a league average performance. In fact, as of late he’s not even come close to that. Last season Hughes spent his last year with the Yankees amassing a 5.19 ERA, which was somehow enough for the Twins to throw a 3 year commitment his way. If he can’t help the Minnesota to a win today, they’ll head to Cleveland tomorrow winless, ready to take part in another home opening series and perhaps doing all of this over again.  

Will they choose to pitch to Jose Abreu or will he defeat them with reputation once again? Abreu has one extra base hit, a double, and 2 intentional walks. Imagine the fear once his power makes its appearance.

Today’s Lineup:

  1. Eaton – CF
  2. Semien – 3B
  3. Abreu – 1B
  4. Dunn – DH
  5. Avisail – RF
  6. De Aza – LF
  7. Ramirez – SS
  8. Flowers – C
  9. Leury – 2B

Jose Quintana - SP

Twins Lineup:

  1. Dozier - 2B
  2. Mauer - DH
  3. Willingham - LF
  4. Colabello - 1B
  5. Plouffe - 3B
  6. Arcia - RF
  7. Pinto - C
  8. Hicks - CF
  9. Florimon - SS

Phil Hughes - SP


Where to Watch:

Today’s game will be broadcast on WGN and Fox Sports North. 1:10 Central start time.