Sit Back and Let the Offense Work - Game Preview & Lineups 4/28

A series win and getting a game over .500 is the aim as the White Sox attempt to take their third game in the four game series against the Tampa Bay Rays. The Sox have scored 18 runs in the series despite being shutout on Saturday night and their best pitching effort came from an MiLB lifer getting his first shot in the major leagues. It’s inspiring but falls short of encouraging. Though relying on the offense to pick up the slack is decidedly less frustrating than the other way around.

Andre Rienzo will take up the cause this evening, still technically filling in while trying to earn himself a permanent spot on the roster. Something he’s failed to do thus far. Rienzo looked good to open up his start against the Tigers, but by the time the lineup got the chance to get a second look at him, things began to crumble. If not for the timely heroics of Marcus Semien, the effort would have failed to lead the way to victory. The good news: a repeat of that performance likely still gives the team a chance to win against Jake Odorizzi.

Odorizzi started out fine in his first start of the year when he went 6 innings against Texas, probably the toughest lineup he’s faced in 2014, and allowed just 3 hits and no runs. Since then the Royals have touched him for 7, the Orioles for 3, and the Twins got him for 4 runs in only 3.1 innings. He’s young, he’s figuring things out, and as youngsters are wont to do, it seems that Odorizzi is having trouble sniffing out the strike zone this season. Men on base for the White Sox has resulted in some gaudy run totals thus far and until the offense shows that they’re ready to regress, we’ll sit back and wait on them to what they do and back up whatever starting effort that gets put forth for the home team.

American League Co-Player of the Week Jose Abreu hit 5 homeruns last week, giving him the rookie record for April. He's got 3 more games in the month to extend that record. Starting with tonight, of course.

Today’s Lineup:

  1. Eaton – CF
  2. Beckham – 2B
  3. Abreu – 1B
  4. Dunn - DH
  5. Viciedo - RF
  6. Ramirez – SS
  7. De Aza – LF
  8. Flowers – C
  9. Semien – 3B

Jose Quintana - SP

Rays Lineup:

  1. Zobrist – 2B
  2. Jennings – CF
  3. Joyce – RF
  4. Longoria – 3B
  5. Loney – 1B
  6. Myers – RF
  7. DeJesus – DH
  8. Escobar – SS
  9. Hanigan - C

Jake Odorizzi - SP

Where to Watch:

Today’s game will be broadcast on CSN and Sun Sports. 7:10 Central start time.