Many Spanky Returns - Lineups & Preview 4/25

While I'm not necessarily a fan of Adam Eaton's goofy nickname or the all-american mighty mouse identity it represents, his return is an easy source of celebration. As much as the White Sox offense has rolled on without him, where the Sox were previously batting a four-pitches-per-plate-appearance, speedy, plus-defending on-base machine, they had Jordan Danks over the past week. This will fix that.

Eaton's presence was the catalyst for early offensive dominance, and his return places the lineup in more a stable place than counting on a sudden brush of dominance from Alexei Ramirez, Tyler Flowers and Dayan Viciedo.

Of course, with someone with a game like Eaton's, a big concern is whether his hamstring is fully healthy and ready, and how much of a risk he is to go out and hurt himself again.

At least he invoked Schneider's name.

Conor Gillaspie's continued absence means the patient combo of Eaton and Marcus Semien will continue to top the order while the Sox try to wring out the last bit of value from Gordon Beckham. The latter effort could take a while.

White Sox Lineup:

  1. Adam Eaton - CF
  2. Marcus Semien - 3B
  3. Jose Abreu - 1B
  4. Adam Dunn - DH
  5. Dayan Viciedo - RF
  6. Alexei Ramirez - SS
  7. Alejandro De Aza - LF
  8. Tyler Flowers - C
  9. Gordon Beckham - 2B

Erik Johnson, SP

Johnson had one start where he's looked sharp out of four, and is coming off a five-walk performance Sunday that seemed a lot worse than five walks at the time it was happening, and probably would have been if a bizarre series of occurrences did not save him every inning.

Tampa Bay Rays Lineup:

  1. Ben Zobrist - 2B
  2. Desmond Jennings - CF
  3. Matt Joyce - LF
  4. Evan Longoria - 3B
  5. James Loney - 1B
  6. Wil Myers - RF
  7. David DeJesus - DH
  8. Yunel Escobar - SS
  9. Ryan Hanigan - C

Chris Archer, SP

Platoon bat Matt Joyce has been on the same kind of shocking, high-average tear that's overcome Dayan Viciedo, and is hitting .364/.443/.600 through 71 plate appearances. Joyce usually sits against lefties, but Erik Johnson is fastball/slider right-hander with platoon issues. Luckily, so is Chris Archer (though with more talent) and the Sox have Eaton and Dunn in the fold.


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