Chris Sale is going to the disabled list. Repent.


Well, that's just uh....."upsetting" is a word, and "staring silently at your carpet until it moves" is a related activity....

This is where the sigh of relief is supposed to go, but I can hold my breath two weeks if that's really the length of time needed and exhale when he's back on the mound cranking heat as advertised. We were on this same space just a year ago and the dance steps are still familiar.

"The White Sox placed starter Gavin Floyd on the disabled list with a flexor muscle strain in his right arm on Sunday.


Floyd had an MRI on Saturday night which did not indicate a tear."

-Doug Padilla, April 28, 2013

If you'll recall, the script changed a bit on that one as time marched on.

The White Sox saying there is no tear is far sight better than saying he's going under the knife tomorrow morning, but they just said he was pitching Wednesday six hours prior, and have apparently been underestimating the severity of Sale's issue for a while.

Padilla, again:

"While it's likely Chicago White Sox ace Chris Sale will miss his next start, a source indicated that the left-hander was dealing with "tenderness" even before his 127-pitch outing against the Boston Red Sox last week."

Identifying a specific cause-and-effect for arm injuries is at best unfair and probably dishonest, since the proliferation of injuries only continues on without any steadfast predictors emerging, and if anyone has come even close to centering on what the right practice is, it's been the White Sox. But the "nothing to see here" claims are particularly hollow at the moment, even if they are comfortingly inspired. I would like to believe the brass, but there's no point in getting worked up if they have to change their story again.

In the meantime, the gaping void left by the string-bean hurler is instantly noticeable.



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