What is this site?

This is a White Sox blog. There have been a lot of them and perhaps you're getting tired of them, but this one is ours and we hope you will stay.

There is no particular ambition of this site other than to do good work. It's when personal definitions of what's good get thrown in that everything gets all contentious. We want to provide the best analysis possible. Years of experience, willingness to explore new ideas and fancy new ESPN data will help with that, but when that fails, we hope to be funny and engaging. Since that's obviously not going to be the case all of the time, we hope to be present and in consistent conversation with our readers. And when people get tired of that, we hope to have most everything spelled right.

I imagine that anyone here on the first day is familiar with who we are, but since we are now the recipients of weird and strange ESPN traffic—we are the former inhabitants of the FanSided blog Southside Showdown. We are saber-conscious because who isn't at this point? We have comedians, journalists, history fetishists, traditionalists and stat crunchers, and probably all of the bases covered, until new ones emerge, at least.

Count on us for a game preview, recap, and separate analysis article every day. Count on us for measured conclusions, wit and patience over raging hot takes, and for focusing on big things over the little things.

Count on us. It should be a good season.