Adrian Nieto is a major leaguer, I guess?

So, we're just going to let this happen?

In the penultimate sign of White Sox catching end-times, Adrian Nieto is reportedly getting pats on the back, hearty handshakes and extra looks at the post-game spread, because he's made the Opening Day major league roster, fulfilling a three-level jump with a brand new organization. When the White Sox fall in love, it's forever.

Per the storybreaking kid:

In the ultimate sign of White Sox catching end-times, no one can work up much outrage or horror because the alternatives don't promise to be much better.

At least not enough to dissuade the White Sox from their gambit. Ulterior motives are all the rage this time of year, with lack of options and service time playing big, if unacknowledged roles. Nieto's roster status--as a rule 5 pick, he needs to stay on the 25-man all year to avoid being sent back to Washington--gave the Sox a reason to offer him a look, and nothing ever showed up to break their gaze.

They will hope Nieto can walk some (11.7% walk rate in the minors), defend the position adequately, and not hit so poorly that the authorities step in. This is pretty much what Gimenez would do.

There's still time, and this situation is still goofy enough, that a trade could be worked out with Washington to acquire Nieto for cash, or a trade for a real-live major league backstop could be pulled off, or both.

Just Hayes confirming it makes it feel more like a real life decision and not a crazy internet fantasy.


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