The Catbird Speaks 2.23.16 The Jimmy Rollins signing is very NSFW

Kanye West recently released an album that could be described even by his own most devoted fans as a willful mess. At turns profound and serene but also shockingly base and crude, its discordance reflects an artist who is both dealing with significant transition in his life but also just naturally two minds about nearly everything.

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The Catbird Speaks 2.16.16 - Who knows how excited to be?

James, Ethan and Matt gather together at another odd juncture in the White Sox inexplicable offseason. Spring Training is arriving, but the Sox are an addition short of being an interesting contender, and an odd mix of good, win-now pieces and black holes if they are not making any more moves. 

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The Catbird Speaks 2.3.16 - We're still doing this?

Nick & James gathered together (all two of them!) to discuss the frustratingly slow offseason. Topics include:

--The merits of Dexter Fowler

--The downside of Andre Ethier

--The case for simply sticking with Tyler Saladino at this juncture

--Even if Rick Hahn is good, it doesn't make missing out on all the free agent outfielders not bad

--What the White Sox are great at, balanced by their struggles

--Looking forward to losing in the ALCS

The Catbird Speaks 9.21.15 - The dog days of September

The season's almost over and the White Sox are wasting away their final days, so Nick and James got together to discuss, well, mostly the offseason and how to fix this swiss cheese roster, but also what major things there are still to watch.

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The Catbird Speaks 9.11.15 - Just half a lineup away

It's the dog days of September, and the White Sox are in the middle of their regularly-scheduled playing out the string, which means:

-Only so much Samardzija left!

-Carlos Rodon and Erik Johnson could be the future of the new Sox rotation that is waiting for an offense to back it up.

-How will the Sox upgrade at third, second, right field, DH, etc? Beyond Mike Olt, that is? Is Adam LaRoche ever hitting again?

-Does Avisail have a future in the Sox core?

Join James Fegan, Matt Adams and Ethan Spalding as they update the state of the White Sox.

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