Division Previews With Paul Boye -- Divisions of the Western World

This is the third and final installation of the division previews.  I want to thank Mr. Boye once again for giving his time and energy to this project, which sprung out of the deepest principle I have -- "Talking about baseball with friends is fun."

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In Case of Emergency Break Glass: A Look at the White Sox Depth

Injuries always play a role in determining the success or failure of a team in a given season. Even a team like the White Sox that has a solid history of keeping their players healthy is affected in one way or another by players lost to injury.

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Division Previews With Paul Boye -- East Coast Bias

This is Part Two in a series of three that are broad, back-of-the-napkin estimates of how the estimable, formidable, and ecological Paul Boye and I see the 2016 season playing out.  If you are interested in Part One ( AL & NL Central) you can check that out here.  Bookmark these so that in 8 months you can ridicule me / admire Paul's foresight

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The Importance of a Long-Term Plan

When Rick Hahn came out and said that the White Sox seven-game win streak right before last year’s trade deadline didn’t impact the team’s decision to hold onto Jeff Samardzija, I believed him. Unfortunately, I think that leads to a much bigger issue: the White Sox seemingly lacked long-term planning with this decision and now the chickens have come home to roost, so to speak.

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Division Previews With Paul Boye -- Central Edition

We have been fortunate enough to have the excellent Paul Boye contribute to the site before, and this will be the first of three pieces where he and I give a rough look at how we see the six divisions shaking out in 2016.  Obviously, there are still some free agents out there that could alter the calculus slightly, but with battery mates already stretching out in Arizona and Florida, we could wait no longer.


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Erik Johnson's search for his best self

On paper, Johnson may not be the type of pitcher you give anything but a hesitant head shake to going into a season as crucial as 2016 is for the White Sox. But when you listen to the man behind the poor numbers and the rocky past speak, you feel his determination in his words. 

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Let's learn stuff about some of the White Sox NRIs

It's that always exciting time of baseball preseason's preseason when we get to learn about all the players who have received non-roster invitations to Spring Training!

The list, as always, consists of prospects not yet on the 40-man roster who the team wants to get a closer look at, as well as some retreads and guys who are desperately hanging on to their major league dream.

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White Sox Re-Sign RHP Matt Albers

According to Ken Rosenthal, the White Sox have re-signed RHP Matt Albers to a 1-year, $2 million deal with a team option for $3 million or a $250K buyout in 2016. Albers was very good in 37.1 IP with the White Sox in 2015, posting a minuscule 1.21 ERA with a 6.75 K/9 and a small 2.17 BB/9.

While this deal has minimal risk and stabilizes the bullpen, Yoenis Cespedes isn't a White Sox yet (and is being linked heavily to the Nationals, who apparently are willing to go five years), so who really cares anyway. 

Ethan Spalding is a statistics major at UW-Madison and lifelong White Sox fan. Follow him at @SpaldingBalls

Upton to the Tigers is...bad for the White Sox, actually

One benefit of the outfield market moving like a particularly unmotivated glacier is that by the time the gut-punching news hit of Justin Upton coming to the AL Central for the perpetually spending Tigers, all hope of the White Sox actually reaching out and signing the best free agent hitter left on the market had all but evaporated. 

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An Attempt at Optimism for 2016

Happy New Year! I want to thank everyone who stops by to read our stuff, and I want to thank James, Matt, Collin, and Ethan for allowing me to periodically drop by and spew vitriol at interludes between their pleasant, funny, and insightful commentary. Here’s hoping the 2016 White Sox give them happier things to discuss than in years past. 

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Nate Jones' contract is great but it's not impetus to trade David Robertson

As someone who has been very high on Nate Jones since at least his breakout in 2013, was elated at his return in 2015, and even endorsed him as the centerpiece of that truly disastrous 2014 bullpen experiment, the announcement of his extension still put me through a sliding scale of reactions as the torrent details and additional years of control and clauses were revealed.

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