White Sox upgrading at third base

I've seen them.

I've seen your off-season plans, filled with free agent third baseman acquisitions.

Have no doubt I have tabulated these blasphemies against CONOR and taken them into account. Dreams of Chase Headley's defense, fantasies of Pablo Escobar panda hats with increased lining for 40-degree temperatures in June. Crackpots schemes of moving Hanley Ramirez to third.

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Adam Eaton is a Gold Glove finalist; how good is Adam Eaton?

Eaton is pretty good. He has plenty of recovery speed and basically no limitations in his willingness to dive, leap into walls, and crash into things, often to his own detriment. He can follow balls over his shoulder, but not to the point where he plays abnormally shallow to cut off bloopers. His jumps seem adequate and aided by good top speed. His throwing arm was praised coming over from Arizona, and while he is capable of strong throws from the outfield, he tends to need to get his full body behind it, leading to a fairly long load-up process.

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The 2014 U-God Offseason Plan

The World Series has finally started, meaning we're somewhere around a week or so away from baseball going out to buy some smokes and disappearing for months. But that does at least mean it's finally hot stove season. And when your favorite team has been bad for two years running, hot stove season winds up being far more fun than it actually should be.

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World Series: Is this what we want?

By and large, we want two mutually exclusive things from the playoffs: high-stakes drama, and a process that bears out the best team in the sport. Drama is usually only interpreted as the top teams being threatened and challenged, but if they never truly have an advantage because the process is chaos, the premise of the drama starts to erode. A random team emerging from a chaotic churn is dramatic if a lottery drawing is dramatic.

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Who should get booted from the White Sox 40-man roster?

These are people on the White Sox 40-man roster. Grown men. Proud men. They've dedicated their lives to a challenging, brutal craft and many have lived their last few years fighting against the odds to keep it going, even as the once dreamed about financial windfall become faded and childish fantasies, they've trudged on dutifully and fought to keep playing until they're asked to go.

Let's fantasize about cutting them.

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The Cruelty of the Playoffs & The 2000 White Sox

This is a pretty quiet time for the White Sox.  While their 2014 season is done, the offseason hasn't quite begun and - J.J. Hardy's extension notwithstanding - the hot stove hasn't been turned on yet.  But right now, fans of the Dodgers, Nationals, and Angels are all grieving after experiencing something that White Sox fans know all too well.

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Alexei Ramirez as off-season object of desire

Competent shortstops are always rare and in demand, but are they especially in short supply so as to inspire a bidding frenzy for an (All-Star) 33-year-old shortstop with a year left at $10 million and a club option?

Well, what are the free agent options if J.J. Hardy is gone? There are recognizable names, but they may not be good anymore.

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AL Central Postseason Fallout

I cannot imagine what possible inspiration there would be to discuss anything besides the excellent, excellent MLB postseason to date, and since I cannot imagine it, it's a major hindrance to writing about it. The AL Central results in the playoffs so far have been rather extreme, and discussing the fallout can only be fun.

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The Catbird Speaks 10.1.14 - This is going to sound dumb in the morning

Most of the gang got together--James Fegan (@JRFegan), Nick Schaefer (@Nick_TCS) and Matt Adams (@2015WhiteSox)--to wrap up the last threads of the 2014 White Sox season, talk about Paul Konerko's goodbye, other weird stories about the Sox roster usage, mourn the bullpen, pine for Melky Cabrera in free agency and...

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Mark Buehrle Extends His Excellent Streak

Last Wednesday night Mark Buehrle shut down the Mariners and in the process eclipsed 200 innings on the season, the 14th consecutive year that he has done so.  In fact, Buehrle has not thrown fewer than 200 innings in any season of his career since a late season call-up in 2000, and has won at least 10 games in every single one of those seasons. Given the recent tributes to Paul Konerko, it seems fitting to give a nod to a guy that I would deem to be his pitching foil for their era of White Sox baseball. 

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We finally get the Konerko send-off we've been waiting for

I loved the Konerko send-off. Was there any doubt? For anyone?

Konerko's contemplative, accounting-for-everything manner always played better for retrospectives than mid-season rallying cries. Sending him off wasn't just rewarding an above-average first baseman for being above-average, but quickly became an homage to White Sox-dom, 1999-2014, with the unexpected and grand flourish of trainers Herm Schnieder and Brian Ball getting acknowledged for keeping Konerko and the roster upright for the last decade and a half. Konerko is the rare star that allows Chicagoans to celebrate championships and true greatness while lauding noble, tragic try-hards who are loyal to the city just for the hell of it at the same time. There was a cheer for a pre-recorded video clip of Jon Garland with a fuzzy drifter beard, a massive Jose Abreu home run and World Series highlights in a four-hour span. It was a rad affair, all things being equal.

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Jose Quintana keeps it 200, and some White Sox notes

Jose Quintana now has the longest run of consecutive 200-inning seasons on the team with two. Individual benchmarks in a lost season, especially ones marking a large workload, are typically for the birds, but Quintana's new identity as a workhorse is especially cool. He spent 2012 being waited on to reveal himself as a fluke, but now is one of the most reliable sources of value the Sox have.

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