TCS Morning 5: The White Sox very affordable offseason

The last four guys probably are not particularly rosterable, but including Turner's guaranteed money, that's slightly more than $25 million for six guys likely to break camp with the big club. And since Frazier and Lawrie could just be non-tendered after 2016, that is total sum of the commitments they have made overall this offseason, relative to $13.3 million that cleared off the books.

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TCS Morning 5 - Plausible explanations

The White Sox reportedly tried looking in on acquiring Yasiel Puig at what it can only be hoped is the nadir of his value, per Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times. They were promptly rebuffed and re-routed to Andre Etheir, a potential improvement but a very clunky one, and Carl Crawford, whose all-around skill set is less charming now that he's 34, declining and lacks a useful specialty.

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The Catbird Speaks 2.3.16 - We're still doing this?

Nick & James gathered together (all two of them!) to discuss the frustratingly slow offseason. Topics include:

--The merits of Dexter Fowler

--The downside of Andre Ethier

--The case for simply sticking with Tyler Saladino at this juncture

--Even if Rick Hahn is good, it doesn't make missing out on all the free agent outfielders not bad

--What the White Sox are great at, balanced by their struggles

--Looking forward to losing in the ALCS

SoxFest displays a White Sox club with serious ambitions, and an incomplete roster

Cat Garcia was reporting from SoxFest all weekend. Her first article for The Catbird Seat is a recap of Rick Hahn and Robin Ventura's comments on the state of the White Sox. Follow her on Twitter @TheBaseballGirl.

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TCS Morning 5: Staring pensively at Dexter Fowler's market

As we press on through month 71 of the most inexplicable MLB offseason of our lives, the White Sox have a glaring need for a outfielder/designated hitter addition, have been reduced to one clear superior remaining free agent option for almost a week, and...nothing.

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TCS Morning 5: The attendance is not going to turn around overnight

The 2005 White Sox were an absolute death machine from the moment the season opened. They won their first four series of the year, and then ripped off an eight-game winning streak. After April 29, they were never less than 10 games over .500 again, and were wire-to-wire division champs. Every galvanizing indicator of "THIS TEAM IS REALLY GOOD" burned bright all season, which wound up being a strong contender for the best season in franchise history.

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Let's learn stuff about some of the White Sox NRIs

It's that always exciting time of baseball preseason's preseason when we get to learn about all the players who have received non-roster invitations to Spring Training!

The list, as always, consists of prospects not yet on the 40-man roster who the team wants to get a closer look at, as well as some retreads and guys who are desperately hanging on to their major league dream.

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TCS Morning 5: Profits > Winning

Anyone who knows anything about me knows that my favorite baseball article on the internet Monday was Jack Moore's chronicle of Minnesota owner Carl Pohlad's prolonged efforts to cry poor, mischaracterize the Twins as a small market club, and with the assistance of MLB Commissioner Bud Selig--who tried to use their phony crisis to compete as a means to conjure a cost-reducing salary cap--eventually got a spanking new Minnesota taxpayer-funded stadium in exchange for all their public showings of grief.

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The White Sox, who never land major free agents, did not land a major free agent

The White Sox are one of four major league baseball teams to have never signed a player to a contract of more than $70 million in total value. The other three are the notoriously small-market Oakland A's, Pittsburgh Pirates and the Cleveland Indians.

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TCS Morning 5: Matt Albers is ours and you can't have him

Thursday was...not a good day for Cespedes to the White Sox optimism. The suddenly aggressive Nationals bid for Yoenis' talents (where were they the first two months of this damned war of attrition??) took up the mantle of the team that would egregiously outbid the Mets, and the Mets continued to be a sentimental pick for some reason.

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