Roster moves and THE MELK

Cabrera would be an ideal signing next offseason. When the Sox know they are ready, know what they are shooting for, and would be seeking maximum output for the first season of the deal. Instead, they have consider Cabrera's worth as a long-term solution, and consider whether they are at the point in their rebuild/retool to be punting away second round draft picks.

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Screw it all, just bring Sergio home

Sergio, who famously embodied the overwhelming nature of career relief and satisfaction that you have spent years steeling yourself for the distinct possibility of never feeling, when he wept on camera even as Kenny Williams and Ozzie Guillen made a joke out of telling he made the 2010 Opening Day roster. And Sergio, who famously embodied adult realizations that even into your late-20's, personal accomplishments can feel married to a sense of duty to justify the dreams and support of your parents, as he wept on camera telling his father the good news...has been pretty bad of recent and hurt a lot. Look at the distribution of words in this paragraph and guess how much I care about the last sentence.

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Alexei Ramirez For Sale

While Rick Hahn has made it clear he's not eager to part with shortstop Alexei Ramirez, speculation persist, as recently the Los Angeles Dodgers joined the New York Yankees and New York Mets as a team rumored to have interest in acquiring the shortstop who has been a stalwart for the Sox for the last seven seasons.

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Not Breaking: Reinsdorf US Cellular Field Boondoggle Lawsuit Dismissed

Five months ago, while his White Sox were in full June swoon, Jerry Reinsdorf was celebrating victory in the courtroom. Apparently unreported and unnoticed, with the silent efficiency of a mob hit, the lawsuit against the White Sox chairman brought by an ex-government employee was weighted down and left for dead in a river of motions, minutes, and memorandums.

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Pitcher types as dog breeds: A very vital post

There's a lot of trade rumors and important development for next year's roster going on right now, but it goes without saying that when a veterinary student from a school that recently was ranked 24th out of 25 schools in student satisfaction offers to assign dog breeds to pitcher types, you have to run it.

You have to sit on it for a day, then run it.

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The Catbird Speaks - 11.13.14: A crisp, clean, but unprofessional ~36 minutes

Nick Schaefer, Matt Adams and James Fegan squeezed in their most concise podcast ever, discussing the day's news and rumors in an amount of time that listeners might describe as "enough" and "not too long" or "a little too long but not way too long."

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Winter Meetings Rumor Thread

There were a lot of little tidbits that punched out of this week’s Winter Meetings chatter. It’ll take a lot of work to get through it all, and it will feel dumb to dedicate a full post to any one because they’re rumors.

Also, roundtables are a good way to mitigate all of us lacking the desire to write on our own.

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Cheap, low-risk relievers for the White Sox to consider

Last offseason, Rick Hahn made a decision that made a lot of sense, even if the results didn't pan out on the field.

Lost in the mix of signing Jose Abreu to a monster deal and making crafty trades for Adam Eaton and Matt Davidson was Hahn's decision to rebuild ... sorry, RESHUFFLE ... the White Sox's bullpen with a series of cheap, low-risk signings.

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Let's make a deal!: Kicking around trade targets, ideas, laments

We’ve posited some free agent ideas, but ever since our legendary offseason plan last year to trade Hector Santiago for Lucas Duda, which would have totally killed, I’ve thought us overdue to concoct some fun trade packages for some of the guys available on the market.

Since inevitably someone is going to be a snot and say “I don’t even like that guy,” let’s do multiple players.

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Don't Count On Prospects

There have been stories about how Alexei Ramirez is drawing interest from various clubs in need of a shortstop. This is unsurprising, seeing as he is one of the better shortstops in the majors. However, I have seen people throw in as a corollary that the White Sox might do it because Tim Anderson is on the way. This is a dangerous line of thinking.

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The Sox Stove: 2015 Edition, Part 3 - Michael Saunders

The first two parts of this offseason series have focused on free agency - but that's not the only way to improve a roster.  Last winter we saw two major White Sox trades. One worked out gloriously (Adam Eaton!), and one had a very disappointing initial return (Matt Davidson is still young, but 2014 was a huge step backward).  Perhaps the White Sox can take advantage of another dysfunctional organization this offseason.

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The Sox Stove: 2015 Edition, Part 2 - Yankees Pitchers

The Yankees have made a qualifying offer to reliever David Robertson, but evidently that hasn't stopped six teams from expressing an interest and calling regarding his services.  Normally one would expect a qualifying offer to absolutely torpedo the market for a reliever - the only teams that should be signing high profile relievers are playoff contenders, and the only teams that have their first round pick protected are the ten worst teams from the past year.  As Brandon McCarthy was traded mid-season last year, he was not eligible for the qualifying offer, so all it takes is money. Are either of them worth it for the White Sox?

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The new J.B. Shuck/Jordan Danks reality

Chances are, if a waiver claim player threatens your job security, you never had job security. You might not have even had the job.

This is the reality that the out-of-options Jordan Danks, whose ten-day stranglehold--again, probably not, as it turns out--on the fifth outfielder slot was rudely interrupted by the Sox claiming J.B. Shuck off waivers, a speedy, left-handed spare outfielder who is about half as tall as Danks and strikes a third as often.

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