This year, April results matter more than you might realize

One of the most common refrains whenever we start to get worked up over something that happens this time of year is "it's only April."

While that, as well as everything you can say about the small sample size these results are a product of remain true, the wins and losses, as you very well know, count just as much as the wins and losses in August and September.

I bring this up because the White Sox are in the midst of a season-opening stretch that sees them play 25 of their first 28 games against AL Central opponents.

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And a Happy Chris Sale Day was had by all — Important stuff from a series win

That's more like it.

A day after breaking their season opening four-game skid, the White Sox welcomed Chris Sale back with open arms and he pitched them to a 6-2 win over the Minnesota Twins, the Sox's second in a row against the presumptive AL Central bottom feeders.

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A Win and Chris Sale returns!

The White Sox have won a game!

A 5-4 victory that frequently looked like it might send the White Sox into a Worst Season Ever 0-5 certainly puts things in perspective. At the beginning of the day, Chicago was a Brewers win and a loss away from being the only 0-5 team in the majors. Instead, they sit at 1-4 alongside several other teams, many of which fancy themselves contenders.  Right now the Braves and Phillies are a combined 8-2 while the Nationals, Marlins, and Pirates are all 1-4 alongside the White Sox. We heard repeatedly that anything can happen over the course of a few games, but seriously: anything can happen over the course of a few games.


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The Twins, too? Notes from 0-4

Short of injuries, this has been about as frustrating a start to the season as you can get. Losing to the Royals brings its own frustration, but coming off the World Series appearance you can at least understand how they beat you. The Twins were coming off of a humiliating opening set against Detroit wherein they didn't score a run until late in the third game. Tommy Milone was on the mound, and the Royals' terrifying bullpen wasn't lying in wait. And the White Sox got shut out anyway.

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So Long, And Danks For All The Hits

Is there any hope for John Danks at this point? I’ve written about why I'm skeptical that Danks can even be usable on a team that has playoff aspirations.  And while we only have one start in 2015 - and I think it's fair to say pitchers aren't always fully up to speed on their first outing of the year - we have about 340 innings and 2.5 years between now and the shoulder injury that changed his trajectory from solid #2-3 starter to liability.

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Important stuff from the enduring torment of a 4-1 loss to the Royals

One of the small comforts of the Royals goofy little run to within one base of a World Series Championship, is that their success without the presumed basic tenants of franchise success--elite starting pitching, above-average hitters--was widely and visibly applied against the league at large. Sustaining themselves solely by eliminating every margin for error from their opponent, turning every small mishap into a major crisis, was not just a statement on the White Sox lack of precision, but an effective MO against every other flawed competitor they churned through.

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No one can command a thing

As someone who once knocked the sunglasses off the face of their junior high crush with a football by airmailing my best friend (the tallest kid in the eighth grade) by nearly 20 yards, I cannot in good conscious impugn anyone for a misfired throw in even the lowest-intensity situations. However, if the Sox want to snap out of their open to the season that's seen them cough up 16 runs and four homers to the no-hit, small ball Royals in their no-hit, small ball ballpark, they might want to stop hanging meat over the heart of the plate.

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Off-day timewaster: Weighing a Carlos Quentin reunion

It was bad enough that the Braves just automatically dumped Carlos Quentin like he was empty contract, like he was friggin' Theo Ratliff, but they announced dumping him as the third entry in a roster move tweet that talks about Josh Outman and Brandon Cunniff?! Why don't they just dump his corpse into pauper's grave while they're at it? 

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Important stuff from a 10-1 kathunkering to the Royals

The White Sox had a requisite number of clunkers in their supply for this year, so kudos to them for finding a foreign lawn to go drop this on. Very little went right! Until further notice, you have six innings to jump the Royals' starter in an alley, pick them up by the legs and shake all the runs out of their pockets, or you're screwed. Instead, Yordano Ventura kept the ball down, the Royals defense didn't spare any borderline basehits, and a shaky, slider-less Jeff Samardzija couldn't pitch over the Royals typical array of soft singles and Mike Moustakas' inevitable ascent to the MVP award. That the defense imploded and Kyle Drabek was awful was the icing on a cake that was already full of ricin.

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Your 2015 Chicago White Sox in a perfect world (or the apocalypse)

Baseball season is finally here.

After months of speculating, the White Sox's 25-man roster is set and the starting nine will take the field this afternoon against the defending American League champion Kansas City Royals.

Now that all the roster-building questions have been answered, what can we expect out of these guys?

Let's take our best guess.

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The Catbird Speaks 4.6.15 - It's Opening Day

It's Opening Day. Today is Opening Day. The White Sox will play their Opening Day game today.

In that vein, Matt Adams, Collin Whitchurch and James Fegan got together to exercise their existential dread, cast aspersions on the Royals, discuss the final bits of roster housekeeping, and deride the many mistakes of the Atlanta Braves.

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2015 White Sox Over/Under Extravaganza

As you probably know, you can gamble on just about everything under the sun nowadays. Who will be the President in 2016? Which movie will win Best Picture at the Academy Awards? How many home runs will Jose Abreu hit?

You probably have an opinion on that last one (maybe the other two, we don't know). Either way, the staff at The Catbird Seat decided to make some over/under predictions for the 2015 White Sox.

We came up with a starting point, compiled by Collin Whitchurch through a combination of looking at last year's numbers, this year's projections, and some just plain out of thin air, and each staff member predicted whether the final 2015 tally would be over or under that number. Some are fun. Some are sad. Some are ridiculous.

Enjoy, and let us know your predictions in the comments section.

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